• Jan 25 2015

    ALASKA sample Posted by Julian Wicksteed - Angler Walkabout

    ALASKA – Angler Walkabout series Book 3 “Sample” Prologue After five months fly fishing, hitchhiking, and living out of a tent while exploring the southernmost regions of South American – Argentine and Chilean Patagonia; the Southern Hemisphere’s summer of 2008/09 had passed in a blur of majestic mountains, windblown plains, gauchos on horseback – and huge trout! It had been one of the most incredible stints I had ever spent on the road, chasing trout, but I was grateful to finally hang up my boots and backpack for a few months; lodging with and catching up with friends near Seattle in the U.S.A. Even though I found myself paying board to sleep on their couch, with cooking facilities other than a campfire, hot water, and a roof over my head and good friends, I was momentarily living the ‘high life’. As I had neared the end of my Patagonian walkabout at the beginning of 2009, my mind had started drawing comparisons with what I might find at the northernmost reaches of the Americas, in Alaska. I had travelled and fished there once before, and I had loved it, but there were still many corners of this vast state that had me poring over maps with fascination.

  • Jan 3 2015

    Angler Walkabout Series – NOW ON KINDLE Posted by Julian Wicksteed - Angler Walkabout

    Angler Walkabout Series - NOW ON KINDLE