• May 15 2015

    A CATCH ON AFRICA Preview Posted by Julian Wicksteed - Angler Walkabout

    Here's the first ten pages of A CATCH ON ‪#‎AFRICA‬, my first ‪#‎book‬ in The ‪#‎Angler‬ Walkabout Series, please share with anyone you think might be interested. Happy days on the water :-)

  • Apr 8 2015

    Lake Victoria article in the ‘AFRICAN EXECUTIVE’ Posted by Julian Wicksteed - Angler Walkabout

    Breathing Life Into Lake Victoria By Moses Hategeka, a Ugandan based independent governance researcher, public affairs analyst, and writer. “In the 1960s up to early 1980s, our hilltops which are bare today were intensely covered with trees. We used to cultivate our crops and graze our animals in lowland areas as opposed to river banks. This has however changed due to population increase. Locals are now cultivating their crops adjacent to river banks to produce more food for their ever skyrocketing families.