My name is Julian Wicksteed, the founder and CEO of Angler Walkabout, welcome to the website. If you have an adventurous spirit, you like to explore the world fishing, and are hopefully interested in leaving our planet relatively untouched, then you’ve come to the right place. When I’m not exploring the globe chasing surf and fish, I spend most of my time writing in southwest Victoria in my home country of Australia. Since the northern hemisphere summer of 2018 my Angler Walkabout Series has become ocean-bound, as I explore the North Pacific Ocean, on my newly acquired 35ft sailboat, apply named Angler Walkabout of course. So, please stay tuned for the next books and films in my series from the wild coastlines of Canada and Alaska. also aims to provide you with the most direct links to your fishing travel needs as possible. Whether it be a private fly fishing guide in the backwaters of Alaska, an isolated lodge in the African wilderness, or a marlin charter in Australia, I have done my best to provide you with links that will put you in direct contact with the operator of your choice – no “halfway people” and no extra fees – communicate directly with whom you wish to fish with and book directly. Unfortunately I can’t be held responsible for your satisfaction with the operators you choose to fish with, or stay with, but with the thousands of options I have provided, I trust you can gather enough information to find yourself on an “angling walkabout” of a lifetime. I have travelled and fished quite extensively around the world and continue to do so. Through pictures and writing I enjoy sharing my fishing travel experiences, and have always enjoyed learning from others in a similar manner. To make it easier for all of us to do so, under the ‘Books’ and ‘DVDs’ buttons you will find an extensive selection of links to various forms of sport-fishing related media throughout the world. Enjoy! As well as the books in my Angler Walkabout Series, a selection of my favourite photographs from my travels can be seen and purchased as wall art under the ‘Images’ button. I hope they are enjoyed as much as I enjoy taking them. Sign up to the ‘Next Cast’ blog and I will do my best to keep you up to date with my Angler Walkabout fishing travels, upcoming projects and releases, and also general fishing related news from around the world. With the help of the numerous international online tackle store links, I trust that you can track down the gear you need to do battle with the fish you’re hoping to find. For the environmentally aware angler, or perhaps the unaware as well, the ‘Environment’ button will lead you to a number of fantastic organisations around the globe who are doing their best to help us preserve our fish stocks, and protect the environment. I hope we can all support them with their exceptional work and we can keep our planet the special place that it is.
“Safe travels and tight lines – I hope to see you on the water one day.” – Julian Wicksteed